Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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At last I succeeded in successfuly connecting my modem with Samsung Star :-) thanks to an online forum!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

American version of "Freedom of Speech" unleashed

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Economic woes, political turmoils and terrorist threats, all went in blurred by the fabulous victory of Pakistan Cricket team in 20/20 world cup.
It spelled bound the whole nation and provided a rare opportunity to rejoice and celebrate. It boast up the morale and lifted up the spirit and
united the whole nation together for their love of cricket and gratification for scoring a big win against a very strong team. Ironically, our cricket
team symbolises what we are going through: good players, bad teams, endless personal issue, hapless team work and helpless and inexperienced captain,
underdogs and "lost cause", shaky start, disappointing performance, losing from every team, tactless performance..........
but they gained position and won the Final showing best team work and best stratedgy. In a way, it gave hope to Pakistani nation that no matter how gloomy the present situation is
and bleak the future looks now....just keep on moving forward together as THE GAME IS STILL ON

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ramchand Pakistani

Another Pakistani movie that claimed to be part of "New wave" in Pakistani Cinema that promises to give new life to dying or already dead local movie making industry. There was much hype created in newspapers and channels about it but the reason was quite clear when I saw their names in sponsors list. "Khuda key liye" was a better attempt in production, storyline, acting and direction, it was a pleasure to view a movie that depicts our society's dilemma so well. No doubt the storyline of "Ramchand Pakistani" was very unique and depicted very realistically . But still it left me with the feeling that more could have been done and the abrupt ending was a big shock. A sudden love interest of mother in another man, was half cooked and failed to portray the lonliness or the desire to share the pain of losing that lead to that relationship. The acting was too good even the child actors were stunning in their roles.
Media and people should encourage such attempts but positive criticism always help in improving quality of work.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Canada apology for native schools

BBC NEWS World Americas Canada apology for native schools

Sorry for runining lives, sorry for stripping their identity, sorry for loss of heritage,sorry for losing self-respect, sorry for snatching away their family members, sorry for the physical and sexual abuse, sorry for a life of despair and solititude, sorry for being insensitive & cruel, sorry for showing disrespect & inconsideration,sorry for inhuman treatment,sorry for playing with human lives, sorry for imposing their own sense of right and wrong on others.

This is not the first time and it wont be the last time either, Australian aborginals, Red Indians & Africans Slaves of America and Canadian aborginals all suffered the same fate and brutality, only to receive a "sorry" after centuries of misery and pain. Is it enough?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Islam feminists urge gender jihad
The major factor behind discrimination against women in the Muslim world is lack of knowledge about rights and duties as defined in the Holy Quran. We reject and accept whatever we feel like without even bothering to consult the Quran. We Muslims should understand that our religion is not just a few praying rituals but a doctrine defining our behaviours and ways of life. Lack of education and weak financial conditions make men insecure and more liable to turn oppressive, violent and dominant, proving to themselves and others that they are still "Man enough". Education and good job opportunities is a way to make them realise that there are better ways to prove themselves "Man" rather than beating their wives.
Shaheera Munir, Lahore, Pakistan